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5 September 2021

TRIMUI/Powkiddy A66 Gaming Handheld Console with 5000+ games

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

In my last handheld gaming console post, I continue to describe my Amazon Prime day 2021 experience and the purchase of four retro handheld gaming consoles. The third handheld was the FateFan 500 handheld gaming console. In this video I look at the TRIMUI/Powkiddy A66. Spoiler alert: I LOVE THIS HANDHELD!!!

I chose four different handheld game units that range in price from $10 to $50. I had ≈$120 of affiliate funds that became my budget for this experiment (Thanks to everyone who supports the blog and the YouTube channel!). These include:

  1. Great Boy Portable Handheld Games for Kids Preloaded 380 Classic Retro Games with 3.5’’ Big Color Display and Gamepad Rechargeable Arcade Gaming System
  2. Handheld Games Console 390 Classic Games LiNKFOR Retro Mini Game Player with 3 Inch LCD Color Screen Rechargeable Battery Portable Retro Video Game Console Support for Connecting TV and Two Players
  3. FateFan Retro Game Console with 500 Classic Games, Handheld Games Console Supporting 2 Players TV Connection, 1020 mAh Rechargeable Battery(Green)
  4. TRIMUI/Powkiddy A66 Handheld Games Console with 4000+ Classical Games, Super Mini Retro Games Console Arcade, Mini Retro Gaming Player 2.0” IPS, Powkiddy Portable Video Game Console 600MA(Gray)

🕹️ Want to extend your gameplay for items 1 through 3? Purchase additional BL-5C 3.7V 1020mAh Rechargeable Batteries.

🕹️ Items 1 to 3 include RCA out. If your TV doesn’t support RCA out, use this RCA to HDMI Convertor.

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In the conclusion of my four part retro-computing handheld series, I open the box, power up, and play games on the “TRIMUI Handheld Games Console with 4000+ Classical Games, Super Mini Retro Games Console Arcade, Mini Retro Gaming Player 2.0” IPS, Powkiddy A66 Portable Video Game Console 600MA(Gray)”. At the end of the companion video, I compare this unit to the previous three.

Table of Contents

Video Errata

  1. Other online reviewers call this the “trim-u-i”, not the name I use which is “tri-mui”. Other’s are more likely to be correct.

Retro Gaming Handhelds Comparison Table

Each unit has unique features, and I found it difficult to compare them without a table. My table is in the embedded Google Sheet below or view directly by clicking here.

TRIMUI/Powkiddy A66 Retro Game Console

The Amazon Prime Day price was $55.99 compared to the normal price of $69.99. The unit is unique in that several colors are available. I choose green to distinguish it from the red LiNKFOR from the last post. I was excited about this model, despite the form-factor, because of the number of games (which you will soon find it a bait and switch), large second controller, and interesting layout of the controller (which I will be sorry for later). Let’s open the box, turn on, and try out this latest purchase.

TRIMUI/Powkiddy A66

🕹️ Purchase the FateFan Retro Game Console

Companion Video: Powkiddy A66 Handheld \ 4 handhelds under $60 \ #4 of 4

Watch the companion video below and then continue to read my thoughts on this device.

Time Codes:

 00:00 - Video introduction
 01:09 - Bumper
 01:19 - Unboxing
 02:40 - Hardware
 03:30 - Power on
 04:00 - User's manual
 04:48 - Change UI language
 05:00 - User interface demo
 07:18 - First game demo (Altered Space)
 08:24 - Galaxy Fight demo
 10:18 - Galaga
 12:02 - Darkstalker
 13:09 - Tear down
 15:56 - OpenTyrain
 17:17 - Compare the four devices
 23:08 - Donkey Kong (GB)
 23:50 - Concluding thoughts

Powkiddy A66 Features

This is the second unit I look at that has the Gameboy’s vertical form factor, in other words, the hand cramper! I still don’t like it after two units.

Powkiddy A66 Retro Games Highlights

There are far too many titles included with this unit to list, thanks to NES support. There we many popular retro games ported to the NES.

Powkiddy A66 Thoughts

Things to like about the TRIMUI/Powkiddy A66 include:

  1. Multiple emulators and large micro SD card provide for a limitless selection of gameplay.
  2. Fast book; however, not instantaneous like the other three units.
  3. Tiny form factor for shirt pocket travel with a cool transparent plastic and aluminum back case.
  4. Price; at least at the Amazon prime day price.
  5. Excellent screen and view angels, even if it is tiny.
  6. Modern user interface with customization capability. Current theme matches the custom colors of the PCB for a slick package.
  7. ROM scan with game previews.
  8. The only device the four that allows the gamer to save the games and game states. Great for a quick game that you can return to later.
  9. Includes favorite games carousel that makes navigation of games easier and puts favorite games at your fingertips.
  10. Ability to load alternative MiniUI and GMenuNX which add features and emulators. GMenuNX provide Atari and Commodore support! I must try this out soon.
  11. Controls are good on this small device.
  12. USB-C (see below). I appreciated the ability to swap out batteries for the other units; however with USB-C, this device is compatible with the chargers for my phone and computer.
  13. Includes excellent battery life.
  14. Loud, if not nuanced, sound out of a tiny volume adjustable speaker.
  15. You can turn off the background music!

Things to improve the Powkiddy A66 include:

  1. A larger screen would help these old eyes; however, there’s not room.
  2. No video out like the other three units in this series. It would be fun to play these games on a large screen.
  3. No headphone jack; however, USB-C headphones work although they are either on or off. There’s no volume control and they are on at maximum volume!
  4. The USB-C port supports power; however, I’ve not yet determined if it provides serial, video, or HID access to the device. One of the firmware mods might have these features, but that will be “a happy surprise.”
  5. On the back of the A66 is the statement below with all its incorrect grammar. If you take the time to engrave a statement the back, at least have someone proof the text.
  6. Processor is not powerful for 3D games on more modern emulators; however, I’m looking for an 8-Bit pocket gamer. This is not an issue for me.

     POWKIDDY A66 business card type mini console
     Exquisite and fashionable appearance. it is a good gift.
     Happy time for you

That concludes my look at the Powkiddy A66. Time to compare to the three previous units and make recommendations.

Conclusion, Comparison, and Recommendation

The TRIMUI/Powkiddy A66 is the clear winner of the four. Including several game emulators makes it a natural for on-the-go gaming and optional third-party firmware may put this on a par with my RetroFlag GPi case but in a smaller horizontal form factor. This is likely to become my new go to companion gaming device if the other firmware provides the listed Commodore and Atari 2600 support.

HARDWARE TIP: Press and hold SELECT and then tap the LEFT (lower) and RIGHT (raise) shoulder buttons to control volume. Hold START and tap shoulder buttons to modify screen brightness.

In second place is the Great Boy. If you want a simple, affordable device that includes popular retro game titles; this is a good purchase. Including joystick and game pad provides good game controls, and this unit has the largest screen of the bunch. Although tiny, the additional controller even allows two person play. I recommend this unit and believe it will put a smile on both young and old retro game fans.

As for the LiNKFOR and FateFan, skip them; especially the FateFan. If you are looking for an inexpensive, NES form factor unit that includes an additional controller for two person play, the LiNKFOR is the one to choose from the two. The duplication of games is less prevalent and the on-device controls are better than the FateFan.

Join the Fun!

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