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27 June 2015

Project Fi welcome kit was a surprise

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

Recently I received an invitation to join Google’s Project Fi program. I’ll write more about Google’s mobile phone service at a later date. This post shares the surprise I received – the Project Fi welcome kit. Images of the welcome kit are below. Under each image are comments.

{**SPOILER ALERT!!!** This post will spoil a surprise that comes with selection as a Project Fi program member. You have been warned!}

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After receipt of my invite to Project Fi, I followed the directions and ordered the Nexus 6 phone. Quickly after the transaction, I received a receipt. Highlighted above is the line on the receipt that piqued my curiosity. ** FedEx delivered my Project Fi package several days earlier than the date provided. As a matter of fact, the tracking said it was still a few days away when it arrived on my door step. The delivery text alert received early morning made for a long day at work. ** Inside the shipping box was the expected Nexus 6; however, included was another white and green box. This must be the mystery Project Fi welcome kit. ** I put the Nexus 6 box aside and took a closer look at the welcome kit. ** Well, “Hello again” to you too. ** Flipping the box over didn’t reveal the contents, but there was some useful support information. ** Time to slip off the green band and see what is inside this welcome kit. ** Taking the top off reveals three small tupperware style containers. ** In the first container is a set of headphones complete with inline mic, control and splitter to share the music. ** Container number two holds an external battery that evidently hold only “100% all-natural juice.” Cute, Google! ** The last container holds a white, Fi branded case for the Nexus 6. I wasn’t aware phones need hugs; until now. ** Here’s another view of all three containers. Slip the band off and remove the top to get to each item. ** Here’s an image of the Nexus 6 box. I am not spending time on the Nexus 6 in this post; however, there was a Fi specific addition in the Nexus 6 box. ** That extra is under the Nexus 6. We need to remove it from the box. ** A fold-out in the Nexus 6 instructional package reminds us that the phone is preconfigured and only requires a few steps to activate on the Project Fi network. ** Here’s the Fi logo in all its “stamped” glory. ** And the last image is the note found under the top of the Project Fi welcome pack. This message and unexpected bonus package really do give you the feeling that you are a part of something special. Here’s hoping Project Fi can live up to that hype. ***

I’ve yet to try out these bonus items, save the for the Nexus 6 cover. I used it for a day or two but did not like the white case, even with the cool Fi branding. The color just wasn’t my style and I was afraid that dirt would begin to show. I purchased a clear case from Amazon for $7 that has served me well.

I hope to try the other two items soon and if I do, I will be sure to come back and update this post. Until then, I will display these items in my office. The gadgets and the packaging are quite the conversation pieces.

In the meantime, I thought others might like to see what’s in store when selected to participate in the Project Fi program. Not sure how many of these packs Google has available, but glad I was able to snag one.