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30 August 2014

HOWTO: Combine Yurbuds and Apple Earpods to create Yurpods

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

For several years I’ve searched for the perfect earbuds for my iPhone. The problem? None of them are exactly what I need. Some have good sound but lack inline controls and/or microphone. Others include inline controls and microphone, but the buds won’t stay in my ears when I run. Cheaper models that include inline controls and microphone just sound horrible.

The two current pairs I alternate using were sitting on my desk a few days ago:

I like the Apple Earpods because they include full inline controls (volume, pause/play, next track, Siri, etc) and a microphone. While I like the sound, they often come loose in my ear as I run. They never fall out, but I occasionally have to fidget with them to ensure maximum sound quality and comfort. This is a bit of a pain while I run or bike.

On the other hand, while the Yurbuds are rock solid in my ear and are comfortable, the model I own lack inline controls. The Yurbud sound quality is better than the Apple Earpods thanks to the tight fit.

It dawned on me while looking at both pairs on my desk – create an amalgam of the two.

My Yurbud Apple Earpod amalgam

The secret sauce of the Yurbud is the Yurbud Earbud Covers which you can purchase separately. I removed the covers from my Yurbuds and put them on the Apple Earpods. They fit perfectly. I stuck the new headphone combination in my ear using the Yurbud rotation process and low and behold, they fit and felt just like the comfortable Yurbud.

I set out on my run. I found the sound of the Apple Earpod to be much better thanks to a better direction of the sound into my ear canal and tighter fit. Not one time during my run did I feel a need to adjust the fit. Of course, thanks the Apple Earpod inline controls and microphone, I had full control of my iPhone. Perfect!

Who would have thought that the best set of earphones would be a combination of two rather than a single set. Given I can purchase the Yurbud covers separately, I don’t see me on a search for a new set of sport headphones anytime soon as I have many pairs of Apple Earpods lying around the house. This truly is the best set of sport headphones I own.