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12 July 2015

REVIEW: New Trent Trentium iPhone 5/5s rugged case

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

Once again, New Trent sent an opportunity to review one of their products, the New Trent Trentium. I really enjoy their line of iOS accessories and the chance to review their rugged iPhone 5/5s case makes a good addition to previous NewTrent Airbender 3.0 and New Trent Gladius reviews. Although I review the iPhone 5/5s version, New Trent also provides models for the iPhone 6 line that appear identical in design and function.

I introduce a new review style with this post. My previous bullet reviews are characterized by…well…bullets. Visual Reviews will feature images followed by comments. Besides learning about the case, you will read my tips to make the experience even better.

The box, in a plastic wrap, arrived from Amazon in a couple of days. Have to love Amazon Prime! New Trent provided me with a promotional code that brought the cost to $1. Thanks New Trent!

Opening the box reveals a clear plastic insert that contains the case and a few additional items. Instructions are found on the back of the box. For store displays, this is a great way to show how easy it is to place the phone in the case.

Includes cleaning wipe. You WILL want to ensure you phone’s screen is very clean before installing inside this case. If all goes well, this is the last time you will touch your iPhone screen again until you remove the iPhone from this case.

Be sure to register to extend you warranty for an additional three months.

To begin, remove the contents of the clear plastic insert and unwrap the contents.

Keep all plastic protecters on the case until instructed to remove by the instructions. You want to leave them on as long as possible to ensure no dust is captured inside the case and especially on the screen.

Easy to follow instructions. 3 steps – that’s it.

Separating the case involves peeling the bumper from around the iPhone holder. This was a bit tricky and quite possibly the only issue I have with the case. You may feel as if you are going to break the case. Just take it slowly.

The two components separated. Note the blue plastic cover on the inside of the iPhone holder.

Did I mention you really need to ensure the iPhone screen is clean. I scrubbed mine over and over to ensure no dust was on the screen and then wiped it again before actually placing into the case.

Time to peel off the blue plastic protector and move quickly so as not to capture dust inside.

DO NOT forget this little piece of plastic. Doing so will render your touch ID inactive.

Place the iPhone into the holder.

Place the holder inside the bumper.

Lower the holder into the bumper and squeeze the two together. Make sure the bumper seals around the holder on all edges. It will snap into place easily.

One of the features of the Trentium is the ability to custom match your gold, silver or space gray iPhone using the included three back plates.

Backplates simply snap on an off.

The gold back plate.

The silver back plate.

I have the gold iPhone. The back plate matches perfectly.

A close up of the camera and speaker cut out. The case is quite attractive.

Mute switch is accessible under this tab. Volume controls work well and are nicely labeled.

Headphone jack and lightning port are protected under these flaps. You really do get a good sense that your phone is well protected.

One final close up of the top. Power button is easily accessible.

The Trentium provides protection, good looks and functionality. iPhone screen touch responsiveness was not affected by the case. Using this case ensures your iPhone looks as good as new when you decide to take it out of the case.

I highly recommend the New Trent Trentium. At around $18 it offers affordability and style. I’ve used the Otterbox and quite frankly, the Trentium looks nicer, is easier to assemble and in my use, affords me the same level of protection. I remain a fan of New Trent iOS accessories and look forward to a review of there other products.