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LEGO Rotating iPhone Dock and Instructions

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You’ve asked for it and here it is! The official building instructions for my Rotating LEGO iPhone Dock are now available! This Dock makes the perfect companion for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

If you inject your own creativity, this MOC is adaptable to your computing environment or alternate and more modern device. Haven’t seen the Dock in action yet? Watch the YouTube video below.


I’ve taken the time to prepare detailed instructions (see sample image below):

Dock Instructions

You can get your instructions on my Buy Me a Coffee page at:


You can purchase the set outright, or if you become a retroCombs member (even at the $1 Commodore PET level), you can get it for free!


Q: Is there an existing set that you recommend to get me started?

A: Not really. I put this together from my odds and ends bin. You might check current Technic sets. Most pieces are from Technic and Mindstorms sets. A good set might get you 80% of the way.

Q: What if I can’t find a part I need in my stash?

A: I highly recommend Bricklink where you can purchase single elements! The other alternative is to improvise. Look for other parts that serve the same purpose. That’s the fun of LEGO. And you may just find that you version is better than mine! If you do, send me an email with a pic and share your idea.


{December 29th, 2010} Version 1.0 is now posted and includes:

  • Parts list!
  • New, higher resolution image on title page
  • On step 3, the instructions displayed 2 gray 3/4 technic pins and 6 black technic pins. It is actually the other way around; 6 3/4 pins and 2 normal pins needed - Thanks Tim!
  • Several grammatical corrections
  • Included links to software used