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14 March 2021

Nikki shares thoughts on 8, $12 Amazon St. Patrick's Day Gnome Ornament Faceless Doll Decorations

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

In an impromptu video, I hold a mic in front of Nikki and ask her questions about her latest Amazon purchase, the St. Patrick’s Day Gnome Ornament Faceless Doll Decorations Green Clover Gnome Doll Ornaments Irish, Swedish Leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day Party Christmas Elf Scandinavian Decoration (8 Pieces). WHEW! That’s a mouthful. What does she think? Watch the video below and then read the this post for additional gnome and behind-the-scenes thoughts.

YouTube Video: Nikki missed the Aldi Finds Irish Gnomes, but found these Amazon replacements

In the video below, Nikki shares her latest Amazon decor and DIY purchase. There be gnomes in the house!

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  1. Amazon gnomes
  2. Aldi gnomes

Final Thoughts

Below are additional thoughts about this build that expand on the content in the companion video:

  1. I really did catch Nikki off guard. I grabbed my TASCAM DR-40X audio recorder, cornered Nikki in the kitchen and she gladly agreed to capture a few minutes of audio.
  2. Speaking of audio, my apologies for the pops during my questions. Nikki’s audio was perfect, but I brought the mic too close to my mouth and had to do some fancy audio editing in DaVinci Resolve to get rid of some really gnarly pops and hisses. If you think it is bad, you should have heard it before I made those edits. Note to self, put the recorder on a tripod and place it between us.
  3. Nikki and I use to host a LEGO podcast for adults called, Bricks in my Pocket. Even then, we were a good team and shared a lot of laughs. I miss those times and this was a fun throwback to our previous collaborations. As Nikki said after watching this video, we really are good together. Yes we are, Nikki! Yes we are.
  4. Left on the cutting room floor was audio shared by Nikki that better explains her gnome project. Because of COVID, she decided to leave our white Christmas tree up all year round. It has become a therapy tree for us! She uses each month’s holiday as an excuse to decorate. Christmas stayed on the tree throughout January. February brought colorful red heart decorations. As she shares, March turns the tree green for St. Patrick’s day. Each month, Nikki decorates and creates a DIY front door decoration. They are fun, festive, and amazing!
  5. I told Nikki she needs her own channel so she can share her DIY decor projects. I don’t think she bought it.
  6. Back to the gnomes. They do hang nicely but while Nikki does rate them a 7.5 (between 7 and 8), I’m not so sure they are worth $12. I guess around a buck fifty, they’re pretty good. And Nikki’s correct. The nose is an easy fix.
  7. This was a fun video to edit. I had to get creative since I didn’t have visuals for every minutes of audio. Would both of us on camera been more engaging? Probably. Would it have been appropriate? Probably not. We were still both in our P.J.s enjoying our morning coffee. You never know when the inspiration hits you!

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