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MEGA65 Resource Page (v2.3)

This page is a quick reference and start point for “all things MEGA≡65.” Bookmark/Favorite this page for quick access and I’ll keep the updates coming. Send me an email if you have an addition or correction.

Table of Contents

Page Updates

The latest update (2023-08-06) includes:

  • Added table of contents
  • Fixed broken and updated various links
  • Corrected typos
  • Added new Cores section
  • Added new links to Gear section
  • Changed all occurrences of MEGA65 to MEGA≡65 (because I like it like that!)

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My MEGA≡65 BASIC Programs

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Official Information



  • C64 Core - Amazing C64 core that brings features not found on the MEGA≡65 C64 mode. Turn your MEGA≡65 into a full featured Commodore 64 complete with IEC, cartridge, and REU support.
  • Galaga Core - The best shooter of the 80s, Galaga, on the MEGA≡65. Use with a rotated monitor for a true arcade experience.
  • Game Boy - Game Boy and Game Boy Color on your not as portable MEGA≡65.
  • Release Core - Stable release ready to use.
  • ZX Uno - ZX Spectrum that has not received updates in a while, but it works!

Technical Documents


  • Xemu - Use this emulator on your Mac, Linux, or Windows PC to run a virtual MEGA≡65 environment. A great way to get started with zero cost.
  • M65 Connect - Available for Mac, Linux and Windows, this GUI connects your MEGA≡65 to your PC to manage files and your MEGA65.
  • MEGA≡65 Tools Release Package (Mac) - Includes m65 and mega65_ftp to use your PC’s command line to manage your MEGA≡65.