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29 August 2020

OPEN THE BOX (BAG): ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set, 86in1 Magnetic Repair Tool Kit with Portable Bag

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

This is the companion blog post for a quick open the box (bag) video, streamed on YouTube live, for the $25 ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set, 86 in 1 Magnetic Repair Tool Kit with Portable Bag (#ad). In this video I show you all the parts and pieces and, yes, I eventually got all the tools sorted into their proper location (see the video thumbnail).

Before you read my final thoughts, watch the open the box video below and learn what’s included with this 4.6 ⭐ Amazon rated kit.

YouTube Video: OPEN THE BOX (BAG): ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set, 86in1 Magnetic Repair Tool Kit with Portable Bag

Watch the video below and then read my additional thoughts on this toolkit.

Below are the links I mention in the video:

  1. ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set, 86 in 1 Magnetic Repair Tool Kit (#ad)
  2. Commodore Plus/4 User’s Manual Series

Package Contents

While I highlight each included item in the video, below is the complete list (with proper nomenclature) of the items the toolset includes:

2 - Plastic Opening Tools 3 - ESD Tweezers 1 - Utility Knife 1 - Anti-Static Wrist Strap 1 - SIM Card Ejector Pin and LCD Suction Cup 4 - Triangle Plectrums 2 - Plastic Spudgers 3 - Metal Spudgers 1 - Tin Scraper 1 - Large Plastic Double Headed Opening Tool 1 - Cleaning Cloth 1 - Magnetizing and Demagnetizing Tool 3 - SIM Card Shells 2 - Magnetic Protect Mats 1 - 60 in 1 Screwdriver Kit

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts are always a numbered list. Here’s the list for this device:

  1. I’m not sure what inspired me to perform an open the box on YouTube live. It was nice to not have to worry about editing the video afterward though.
  2. The velcro closure on the bag is STRONG! I feel like I’m going to tear the closure or case material when I open the bag.
  3. I still wish the molded case holding the screwdriver and tips was made of stronger material. When I open the case, I feel like I’m going to crack the latch.
  4. The flexible shaft is a tool I did not own. I’m sure it will come in handy.
  5. The screwdrivers and tips are well made and I’ve already used them for several projects. Tips are durable and held in place by the strong magnet in the driver.
  6. The plastic spudgers are not as solid as I hoped. I used a spudger to help me align parts on a 3D print (PLA) and the spudgers deformed. They are not ruinied, but they don’t have their original sharp edges after a single use.
  7. The inclusion of the anti-static wrist strap may inspire me to use it on my next electronics project. It has been years. Hmmm…maybe not.
  8. How many cleaning cloths can one person have? Well, that and USB cables.
  9. Not sure I understand the SIM card shells. When would I use them?
  10. I’m looking forward to the first opportunity to use the suction cups and break open a mobile device.
  11. Overall, I like this set and the variety to tips included. I’ve already had occassion to use the set and for the price, its hard to beat.

That concludes my final thoughts for this toolset. I do update and timestamp posts when modifications and additions are made, so check back later and make sure you add this site to your RSS feeds.

Have Questions?

Drop your questions about this toolkit below or in the comments section at YouTube. Happy to provide answers.