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retroCombs Supporters (THE BEST IN THE WORLD!)

“The best supporters in the world” contribute to this blog and companion YouTube channel. It’s a small, but mighty group!

retroCombs memberships are available at levels to meet all budgets and have fun Commodore inspired names. Check them out at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/retrocombs/membership. Below is a sample of the first level; PET!

PET Level Membership

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Executive Producers (MEGA65-Level Members)

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Members (PET, VIC-20, C64, and Plus/4 Level Members)

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Below are the ways you can support and/or become a member.

  1. Buy me a coffee at Buy me a coffee.
  2. Click the ♡THANKS button underneath one of my videos.
  3. Click the SUPER CHAT option during a livestream.
  4. Send me a PayPal donation.
  5. Send me a piece of retro or retro-related tech. Send me an email to discuss where to send.

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Why Support Me

I knew the first time I received the question, “why should I support you?” (but not phrased as nice) it would become a regular question. Instead of responding to individually to that question, I’ll share my response here and then share the link to this reply.

I’m sure I’m not the only content creator to get asked this question. The quick answer is that retro computing is not an inexpensive hobby and neither are the costs associated with content creation, to include supplies, equipment, and subscriptions. Currently, every dollar raised goes back into the channel or blog (more on this later).

I have a “day job.” The Lovely Accountant and I use these funds for our life expenses, to support our families, and to invest in our retirement. The best-case scenario is for my hobby to not dip into our normal family budget. Right now, it does, but with a specific budget (we are huge Dave Ramsey fans!).

I’m a writer. Writers, when published (and I have several technical publications), receive compensation for their time, effort, and contribution. We should compensate writers and content creators for their work when the community receives value. If we don’t, content will cease. YouTube advertisement revenue is a slim pot of a content creator’s reimbursement pool. Unless you have thousands of subscribers, compensation is tiny. In my case, we are talking about lower double-digits per month.

Other avenues such as Buy Me A Coffee allows viewers who want to support a content creator to do so in a way that they receive additional value, join a community, get access to the creator, and get a “warm feeling” that they are helping a channel survive and grow. If I have to dip to deeply into our regular household budget, I won’t create content. And here’s the interesting part of my equation.

I’m at a point where I can retire from my paying job; however, when I do, our income will drop (as will our expenses), and there will be fewer dollars to support life needs and this hobby. I can produce more content if this is my full-time gig. That’s something I might aspire to if support for the channel grows. For now, it’s a balancing act.

If you don’t want to support me, or any channel, that’s your choice. Content creators will continue to receive a pittance amount from ads displayed during the content you take in; however, if you love a channel and want to see them succeed, consider a membership, onetime payment, or a super chat. There are likely thousands of channels that don’t survive because the creator doesn’t have the time, patience, or finances necessary to ride out the initial storm. But if audiences dig in and help, the content creator’s confidence, community, and channel will grow and you’ll receive the content you love. Win-win!