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6 February 2021

retroCombs: THEVIC20, THEC64 (maxi and mini) Firmware 1-5-2 Update

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

This blog post is a companion to the my FAST LOAD video embedded below. During the video, I upgrade my THEVIC20 to firmware version 1-5-2. This firmware update includes new features for not only THEVIC20, but also for the THEC64 mini and THEC64. Watch the video to find out what’s new and then read my additional thoughts below for more information.

YouTube Video: FAST LOAD: THEVIC20, THEC64 (maxi and mini) Firmware 1-5-2 Update | theC64-1_5_2.bin

In the video below, I demonstrate the process to update the MEGA65 (Dev Kit), core, SD card essential files, MEGA65.ROM, and M65Connect software.

Video Markers

I embed the video markers below in the video so you can jump around to specific content. Of course, I hope you watch the entire video!

Video Errata (as of 2021-02-06)

  1. The correct reply to the firmware update prompt [01:21] is not yes. It is Apply.

Below are the links to the entire Retro Games Commodore series. All Amazon links are affiliate links. Thanks for supporting the blog and the YouTube channel!

  1. THEC64
  2. THEC64 mini
  3. THEVIC20

Final Thoughts

  1. If you need more detailed information on how to update these devices, check out this FAST LOAD video.
  2. I’d still like to know how games are selected for the carousel. The addition of PET Snake is puzzling. Is PET a nice homage to the Commodore PET? I hope so!
  3. I could not figure out how joystick port swapping works. Drop a comment if you know how to use this feature.
  4. REUs! Can you say GEOS? I’d love to see if I can get this working since REU and multi-disk software now works.
  5. Thank you Retro Games for continuing to add features to these devices. This will add longevity to our devices. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the next update.

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