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1 January 1999

Markdown Test Post

by {{ site.name }}

I make numerous changes to the CSS on this blog to refine the conversion of my markdown posts to HTML. I use this post to view the effects made to the final rendering of the markdown files. This post includes the important HTML tags that are affected when Jekyll renders static pages.

I update this page frequently with additional test content. You will notice that I include notes where I need code modifications/corrections as this is still a work in progress.

See the bottom of this post for the raw markdown.

Text Highlights and Bulleted List

Numbered List

  1. List item one
  2. List item two



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This is a test image

Need to create caption CSS (currently does not render)


Tables Are Cool
col 3 is right-aligned $1600
col 2 is centered $12
zebra stripes are neat $1
raspberry pi rock $39

Inline Code

Use this command to update: sudo apt-get upgrade

Code Block

# Ruby Getting Started with Programming
# Control flow examples
# Dr. Steven B. Combs, coding novice
puts "Do"
10.times do
	print "Hello. "
puts ""

Block Quote

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Donec gravida mauris id eros congue tincidunt. Nunc eget nulla non mi vehicula vehicula. Aenean sed erat. Suspendisse laoreet quam in massa. Sed risus. Nulla vulputate tincidunt lorem. Nulla ac purus.

Etiam vulputate viverra neque. Sed semper, arcu eu lobortis congue, velit mauris scelerisque erat, congue porta odio dui ut nisl. Nunc imperdiet, ipsum et aliquam tempus, nibh neque semper metus, vitae cursus odio turpis sit amet nibh. Praesent eros est, laoreet eget, viverra in, laoreet in, magna. Praesent odio odio, iaculis dictum, pulvinar a, aliquam nec, libero.

Raw Markdown

You can view and/or fork the raw markdown code on GitHub for your own blog.