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Commodore Plus/4 Series


I’ve been a writer most of my adult life. In the mid and late 1990s, my focus was on non-fiction. During the 90s, I used the ubiquitous Microsoft Word and Aldus Pagemaker for my writing. Now, I use Ulysses (for macOS and iOS) and Markdown (not software, but a markup language for quick and distraction free writing) for large writing projects.

You can see a list of books I’ve authored on my Amazon Author’s page at:


As I work with new writing tools, and as I begin my foray into fiction, this page will consolidate posts related to my experiences.

A note to literary agents

If you are a literary agent looking for a motivated, experienced writer with an intriguing genre story, why not get in touch with me now and learn more? You can send inquires to:


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