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31 August 2021

Wyze Buds Pro unboxing, setup, pairing, first use, and thoughts

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

It’s time for another Wyze product first look. This time, it’s the Wyze Buds Pro. As a backer, I received an early pair of these new buds and, at the time of this writing, pre-orders are available for the next shipment. If you have questions about these new buds, this blog post and companion video can help as I unbox, setup, pair, and run the buds through a few use cases. At the end of the post, I’ll provide final thoughts. Let’s first dig in with my companion video.

Table of Contents

YouTube Video: Wyze Buds Pro | Unboxing | Setup | Pairing | First Use

Watch the video below and then read on my additional thoughts below.

Video Errata

  1. {2021-08-30} In the video, I mention two concurrent Bluetooth connections. This is incorrect. I found when moving back to the phone; I had to reconnect.

Below are the links (#ad) mentioned in the video:

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  6. My Wyze YouTube Playlist


This is a slight upgrade to Wyze electronics packaging from their previous devices. The box is heavy and the design of the internal package is intuitive. It was easy to locate the contents. As a backer, I appreciated the sticker added to the user manual sleeve; although, I have to wonder why this single page manual was in its own sleeve. They can omit, save packaging dollars, and it will not detract from the user experience. I’m a fan of fewer packaging materials.


Setup using the Wyze app was “super-simple”; as I show in the companion video. Flip open the case top, load the Wyze app on your device, tap on add device, select Wyze Buds Pro and the app takes care of everything else including firmware updates. It doesn’t get much easier.

While in the settings, you view the default controls (taps) and you can change them. See the companion video for more information. The buds come with Alexa built-in. I did not test this feature. I use Google Assistant and Home devices. There is a setting to activate the device’s default assistant. That was a pleasant surprise.

My Wyze app device listing is out of control. I know I’m a different Wyze user than most, but I wish for more category and organization tools. I have to scroll several pages to find devices.


When you use the Wyze app on an Android phone to connect to the Wyze Buds Pro, it connects to Bluetooth. The connection is strong and there were no connection drops during my run.

Connection to my MacBook Pro (2021) was simple and quick (see companion video). After the connection to the Mac, I had to reconnect to my Pixel 4 XL. The buds cannot connect to multiple device at one time like the Wyze headphones. I made an error in the video.


The ear fit and comfort of the buds were excellent. My ears liked the fit of the default fittings. Wyze includes additional sizes. Through an entire run, I adjusted them once and because I knocked a bud out of place while trying to advance a track using touch controls.

Speaking of touch controls, the area to touch is super tiny. During my first uses, I messed up single, double, and triple taps. I’m sure I will get better over time, but my first experience added time to my run. I stopped twice to make volume adjustments.

Using the case is intuitive. The case itself includes operational LEDs for Bluetooth and charging. The top and the hinge are robust and I suspect both will last a long time.

Battery life appears as advertised. I had an anomaly. The left bud discharges faster than the right. I had this same issue with the Pixel Buds. The left may be a master that includes additional pairing or connection circuitry. But then again, it could level out after a more use or a firmware upgrade.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts are a numbered list. Here’s the list for the Wyze Buds Pro:

  1. Using the application is the only way you can turn noise cancellation, transparency, and amplified modes on/off. There’s not currently a on device tap option. This is a miss. I would sacrifice a tap setting for this feature.
  2. On the Wyze Headphones, you can place a hand over the right earphone to allow ambient noise. We need this on the Buds Pro. It is too difficult during a run to take the phone out of a pocket to make these changes.
  3. The firmware update was short. That’s a delightful change from other Wyze devices.
  4. Audio controls are tiny. While running, I frequently messed up my tap controls because my first or last tap didn’t hit the tiny sensors. I found that if I take my thumb and middle finger to grab the post, it would steady the buds and provide a more accurate tap with my forefinger.
  5. Noise cancellation is good; however, don’t expect Wyze headphones good. Because the buds don’t cover your ears, ambient sounds get through. I’m okay with this. I find with noise cancellation on, I can hear what I need to when I run. If I were to run at night, I believe I would turn on amplification for an added sense of security.
  6. Sound was good. I turn on the bass boost for extra lows and high-quality music is pleasing. Podcasts are clear. I found music more enjoyable with noise cancellation on. In amplification mode, your ears will struggle to take it all in initially; however, it makes for a more secure run/walk. For the best sound experience, find a quiet spot, turn on noise cancellation, and enjoy.
  7. If I could find my Pixel Buds, I’d provide more comparison points. And that’s the problem with buds. You can put them in a pocket and then forget where you left them. The Pixel Buds has a find feature (the Wyze Buds Pro do not), but if the batteries dead, it doesn’t help. Now, where did I put those things?
  8. At $60, these aren’t the lowest or highest price buds you can purchase. For Wyze product users, the cost is in line. Having used the Pixel Buds and several off-brand buds, I can recommend the Wyze Buds Pro.
  9. I’m a huge fan of my Wyze Headphones. For meetings, music, and video, they are pure listening pleasure, but they aren’t comfortable when running. I’ll plan to use the Wyze Buds Pro for this use case. When purchased together, and since they use the same app, Wyze now provides a device for all your personal audio listening needs.

That concludes this post. I update and timestamp posts as I receive questions and post updates. Check back later and make sure you add this site to your RSS feeds.

Have Questions?

I can see by the time on the Wyze Watch (#ad) that I’ve taken up too much of your time! Have questions about the Wyze Buds Pro? Post them in the comments below, or under the companion video, and I’ll do my best to answer them.