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24 April 2020

OPEN THE BOX: Xfinity Flex

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

Two weeks ago, an email arrived from Xfinity. This isn’t unusual. I’m an Internet only customer (cord-cutter) with electronic billing. The message contained an offer for an Xfinity Flex. A what? What in the world is a Flex and how much is this going to cost me per month?

I logged into my Xfinity account and found the same offer. I read the “deal” carefully. The first device was free. If you want a second Flex, that will cost you $5/month. Ouch…

Flex and accessories

I placed an order for the box and about a week later; it arrived. It was now time to record a short OPEN THE BOX. That video is below. Afterward, read my additional thoughts.

YouTube Video: OPEN THE BOX: Xfinity Flex


The contents of the Xfinity Flex package include:

The COVID-19 CARD explains why the Flex arrived in the shrink wrap package (which I mention in the video). Below is that snipped from the card.

Please Pardon Our Appearance

Thank you for trusting Xfinity to help you stay connected at this important time. Consistent with the advice of our government and public health officials, we have encouraged our teammates and customers to limit close contact with others as much as possible. This has led to a greater reliance on our self-installation kits.

To make sure we get as many kits to as many people as fast as possible, we have increased production and adjusted our packaging. This package contains everything you will need to set up and install your new Xfinity services, but we felt it was more important to get these tools to you sooner, rather than wait to produce our traditional packaging. We hope you understand and appreciate us prioritizing your service.

What’s next?

Now that the box is open, I look forward to a FIRST USE video where I will connect the Flex to my Cloner Alliance Box Pro, press record, and turn on the Flex’s power. We’ll watch it boot up together, dive into the user interface, and then load a video or two. I’m curious to see how this device compares to my two favorite steaming device platforms, Roku and Android TV.

At first glance, the only real advantage of this device seems to be in the free access to the streaming Peacock (NBC) premimum channel. Not sure if this membership extends to other devices, but will try and find out for the next post.

Are you a Xfinity Flex user? What do you think about the device? Drop a comment and let me know. I’d also love to read about any hacks and exploits users have found before I record the FIRST USE video.