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24 November 2021

FinalGrom 99 for the TI-99/4A Livestream

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

Out of nowhere, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and while preparing for my The FinalGROM 99 for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A video, I took my FinalGROM 99 experimentation online with a livestream to troubleshoot 32 Kb memory expansion module sidecar issues and play several Texas Instruments TI-99/4A games. This is the companion blog post for the edit which removes over 45 minutes.

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Before you read the rest of this post, watch the livestream below.

Table of Contents

Companion YouTube Video

Title: Texas Instruments TI-99/4A FinalGROM 99 Livestream Edit

In the video below, I …

Check out the time codes at the bottom of this post for the contents of this livestream edit.

Video Errata

None as of 2021-11-24.

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  1. FinalGROM 99 by endlos99
  2. GitHub - endlos99/flashrom99: A Flash ROM Cartridge for the TI 99/4A
  3. FG99: FinalGROM 99 for the Texas Instruments 99/4a – The Brewing Academy
  4. FR99: FlashROM 99 Cartridge for the Texas Instruments 99/4a – The Brewing Academy
  5. TBA’s 8 gb SD card for FinalGROM99 (FG99) TI 99/4a – The Brewing Academy
  6. Inexpensive 4 Gb SD Cards
  7. Index of /Cartridges/FinalGROM99
  8. TBA’s TI 99/4A 32K Sidecar Memory Expansion Card with case – The Brewing Academy

Additional Thoughts

  1. A huge thanks to Mike Dell for the generous YouTube Super Chats! Mike used this YouTube option to grab my attention to request an extension to the livestream. His request included the ask that I play the TI-99/4A Axel F demo, which I originally thought was a game based on Beverly Hills Cop; however, it turned out to be a demo that was an amazing recreation of the Axel Foley theme. It was close enough that the livestream received a copyright strike! Unfortunately, this demo ended up on the livestream’s cutting room floor.
  2. Answer this question. Is it “livestream” or “live stream?”
  3. Another thanks to everyone who helped me troubleshoot the 32 Kb memory expansion from The Brewing Academy. The package I bought includes a TIPI, and I had to remove that device for the 32 Kb expansion to work during the livestream, which is odd because it was working prior. I have more troubleshooting to do. I’m hopeful I don’t have a bad TIPI board because that was an upcoming project.
  4. This live stream is the first reveal of my new livestream screen setup (as shown in the video thumbnail. My goal was to provide views of the retro-computer screen, the keyboard, and my talking head. Feedback from the livestream attendees was positive. Leave your comments below or under the video if you have thoughts.
  5. I enjoy playing games during the livestream but what I am learning is that I’m not as good as I was back in the early 1980s. I don’t blame age, though. I blame a 30 year hiatus from video game playing! It amazes me how many people enjoy watching others play games, but in my case, it is likely for the comedic value of my skills!

Time Codes

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