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10 July 2022

LIFEGOO Precision Screwdriver Set

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

The friendly folks over at LIFEGOO, thanks Angus, sent over their Mini Electric Screwdriver, LIFEGOO Precision Screwdriver Set with 48 Magnetic Precision Bits & LED Light & Magnetic Mat, Cordless Electric Screwdriver Kit for Phone Watch Camera Laptop (62 In 1) that’s sold on Amazon. I previously took a look at the iFu precision power screwdriver and my guess is they saw that video and wanted me to take a stab at their version.


Image courtesy of LIFEGOO and Amazon

In this blog post and companion video, I compare the iFu to the LIFEGOO and then provide thoughts and recommendations. Can this precision power screwdriver help keep your retro-devices working? Let’s find out.

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Companion YouTube Video

Title: LIFEGOO -vs- iFu Precision Power Screwdriver to open a LINKFOR Handheld Gaming Device

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None as of 2022-07-10.

Below are the links I mention in this blog post and companion video. All Amazon links are affiliate links. I’d like to thank everyone for your support of the blog and the YouTube channel when you start your purchases here!

  1. LIFEGOO on Amazon - All their electronic and electronic repair products.
  2. LIFEGOO Precision Power Screwdriver Set - Save 10% as of 2022-07-10 by clicking the coupon offering.
  3. iFu Precision Power Screwdriver Set - Because it holds all the accessories, you might find this works better for you.
  4. LINKFOR Handheld Retro Gaming - At $33 this thing is a steal! I don’t understand why it gets a 3.5 star rating. More on this device in the Additional Thoughts below.

Additional Thoughts

  1. The LINKFOR Handheld Retro Gaming System runs OpenDingux. I’m not familiar with this platform and the extra SD Card on the mother board intrigues me. I need to look at the contents of the external SD card, but could it be that the OpenDingux operating system is on that card and the external card only hosts the ROMs? Likely. Sounds like a good topic for another video or livestream to see if we can upgrade the OS and add other systems. On the LINKFOR, the Commodore emulator is missing. We can’t have that now, can we?
  2. Another thing I want to do is clean up the games on the LINKFOR. There are too many. I’d like to get it down to a manageable list of the games I want to take on the go.
  3. While this blog post is not a review of the LINKFOR, I recommend it. At $33, and if we can hack it, this device is a great bargain. The games included operate without a hitch and I don’t understand why it has a 3.5 star review. I don’t believe everyone understands what it is and its capabilities.
  4. This will not be the only screwdriver you use. I recommend you give the LIFEGOO manual set a look. While I don’t own this set, at $20, it appears to be a good deal.
  5. In the video, I don’t spend a lot of time talking about the bits. There’s a ton of them and the extra long bits are what I was looking for. The iFu included a nice set of bits, but none that are extra long. For the repairs I make, these are a necessity.
  6. Putting the extra components into the larger white box is a workable solution, but I’m going to store them in a small toolbox where the tools will reside with the many duplicates that are accumulating.
  7. The screwdriver locks into place when not activated and you can use it like a manual screwdriver; however, it will be awkward, but this is the way I use it and love it.
  8. In the video I mention weight. After the research, I found the weight is 2 ounces. That’s not bad and doesn’t feel heavy.
  9. I don’t work on watches and small devices. I use this for retro-computing and gaming related tasks. For that use, this device is A-OKAY!
  10. I thought the iFu was good enough but am glad I could try out the LIFEGOO. While the build quality for both screwdrivers is comparable, the LIFEGOO presentation, with that slick aluminum clicking case and packaging, along with the lower cost and selection of long bits, makes the LIFEGOO the best choice. I recommend for anyone trying to help keep those retro computers and recreations working.
  11. Again, my thanks to LIFEGOO for sending over the set for a review and not requiring me to say anything in particular. I’ll continue to use this set and we’ll see if it holds up. You will see it appear in future videos.

Have questions about any of the devices listed? Drop them in the comments and I’ll answer or add the answer to this blog post.

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