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8 March 2021

Wyze Robot Vacuum Open the Box and First Use | Does it suck?

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

It’s time for a Wyze product OPEN THE BOX and FIRST USE. This time, it’s the Wyze Robot Vacuum, the newest smart and app enabled vacuum from one of my favorite brands, Wyze. In this blog post and companion video, I open the box and use the vacuum for the very first time.

YouTube Video: OPEN THE BOX and FIRST USE: Wyze Robot Vacuum, Does it suck?

Watch the video below and then read afterward for my additional thoughts on this new smart vacuum from Wyze.

Below are the links (#ad) mentioned in the video:

  1. Wyze Vacuum
  2. My Previous “SMART” Vacuum by Eufy
  3. Wyze Cam Outdoor Wireless
  4. My Wyze Playlist

Other Wyze Products I Like

  1. Wyze Headphones
  2. Wyze Band
  3. Wyze Smart Plug
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  5. Wyze Cam V3
  6. Wyze Cam Outdoor

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts are often a numbered list. Here’s the list for the Wyze Vacuum:

  1. This vacuum is just now becoming available for purchase and is only available from Wyze directly. It is probably a few months from being available from Amazon. When it is, I’ll update this post with new links. I know how my readers and watchers like to support the site! 😄
  2. I was initially worried about the height of the LIDAR tower. Would the vacuum fit under furniture? For our home, it works. Unlike our previous Eufy, this robot never got stuck. That’s likely a feature of the more robust series of sensors.
  3. In the video I use the standard suction level (or as I like to call it, a moderate version of suck). I have to assume that setting the suction level higher will result is faster battery drain. As it stands, battery life is good for our first floor (roughly 1500 ft²). Based on what I know so far, I believe the vacuum can use the highest level of suction and complete our entire upstairs. I’ll try that soon and hopefully remember to update this post.
  4. In the video, I don’t spend time describing my previous “smart” vacuum, the Eufy. This vacuum does not include any smarts beyond bump and go. No Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi, and no app. It does include a remote control with return home, scheduled cleaning, manual mode, and area functions. Suction is good, but as I found, not as good as the Wyze. We plan to keep this vacuum in the litter box area where I cat hangs out and put it on a regular schedule.
  5. When I purchased the Eufy, the cost was around $150, so about $100 less than I suggest in the video; however, the Eufy isn’t as technologically sophisticated as the Wyze. If you want to save $100, however, I do recommend the Eufy.
  6. [2021-03-28:] It is rare that my wife like’s my love of smart gadgets, however, the Wyze Smart Vacuum is spouse approved. Her favorite feature is also the mapping and the virtual walls.

That’s it for now. I do update and timestamp posts as I receive questions and post updates. Check back later and make sure you add this site to your RSS feeds.

Have Questions?

Well, I can see by the time on Wyze Band (#ad) that I’ve taken up too much of your time! Have questions about the Wyze Vacuum? Post them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them.